Monday, January 16, 2012

A Few Updates!

I just received the revised, edited version of my novel back from my editor! Now its my turn to go through the advised changes from beginning to end and accept or reject them. I am a little bit nervous, but very excited. It's very cool to see progress being made and I am enjoying working with  my publisher to make Black Moon as perfect as can be for it's October release!

As for Book #2: I had a few setbacks in December, but I am back to work now. Hopefully, I will have a First Draft by mid Feb.! I was aiming for end of Jan., but with the editing of Black Moon now in my lap, I will have to divide my time so that I can have Black Moon back to my publisher by deadline.

Thank you to everyone who has asked how things are going and held an avid interest in my journey. I will continue to update as things happen!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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